Publication: Battery Sources and Power Converters Interface in Waterborne Transport Applications

Published: November 2021
Authors: Michele Pastorelli – Salvatore Musumeci – Fabio Mandrile
Abstract: In recent years the electrification in the waterborne transport application is in noticeable development. To face the high battery cost, a proper design of the energy storage system is required. For battery sources, the solution worthy of investigation is the use of a hybrid energy storage system (HESS). HESS is
composed of a power-dense battery and an energy-dense battery. The use of a HESS allows better optimization of the energy and power levels of the energy storage system. In the paper, the battery source requirements in the waterborne transport application are evaluated to achieve the best trade-off among energy, maximum power, and life cycle. Furthermore, the power converters selection, to balance the power flow among the batteries and the vessel electrical network is described.
Index Terms—Marine vessel electrical transport, Waterborne electrical propulsion, Hybrid energy storage system, Energy battery, Power battery, Battery power converters selection. <Read more>