The concept is based on:

  1. combining modular high-energy batteries and high-power batteries,
  2. novel converter concepts and
  3. production technology solutions derived from the automotive sector.

A modular approach will reduce component costs (battery, convertor) so that unique ship designs can profit from economies of scale by using standardised low-cost modular components. In SEABAT existing commercial battery cells will be used, the concept will be suitable for future battery generations and high-power components that may have higher power densities or are based on different chemistries.

The converter concepts studied in the project include:

  • A converter integrated into a battery module, transforming the module into a controllable voltage source. The integration requires balancing compactness and heat load versus efficiency and cost,
    Switching individual cells to achieve e.g. a near-constant DC voltage. The switch needs to be developed for robustness and efficiency, together with the proper control.
  • A partial power converter, where existing concepts need to be upscaled to MWs, developed for bidirectional flow (charging and discharging) and integrated with (over)voltage protection circuits.

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