Design and Evaluation Framework for Modular Hybrid Battery Energy Storage Systems in Full-Electric Marine Applications

Published: April 2023
Authors: Mohsen Akbarzadeh – Rene Barrera Cardenas – Olve Mo – Jasper De Smet – Jeroen Stuyts – Zhenmin Tao
Abstract: This paper deals with the optimal sizing and cost assessment of onboard battery hybrid energy storage system (HESS) for full-electric marine applications. In this regard, a harbor tug is selected as the use case and the cost of different full-active HESS topologies is compared against a baseline topology with a single type battery. The NMC and LTO battery chemistries are selected as the high-energy (HE) and high-power (HP) battery technologies in this work. The baseline and HESS battery topologies are sized for a design life of10 years considering the battery aging. The results show that by a parallel full-active HESS topology, the battery pack cost can be reduced around 28% and 14% compared to a monotype battery topology with LTO and NMC cells, respectively. The results of this study imply that hybridization could be a promising solution to reduce the cost of large batteries within the maritime sector.