Interview Project Coordinator SEABAT with Horizon Magazine

The SEABAT project coordinator Jeroen Stuyts was interviewed for Horizon Magazine by Michael Allen. Horizon is the research and innovation magazine of the European Union. In this interview Stuyts speaks about the importance of renewables, the application and importance of SEABAT and the importance of spreading awareness on battery research. ‘Batteries for maritime industries are not yet at the cost point they should be to make full electric shipping widely possible,’ said Jeroen Stuyts, of Flanders Make, a research institute in Belgium.

At the moment, Stuyts says, some vessel types are more suitable for battery-power adoption than others. These include ferries that run on predetermined routes and smaller container ships sailing fixed routes.

Their journeys are very predictable and have reliable work patterns. This makes it easy to analyse their energy consumption and work out the costs of electrification, in order to understand whether or not it is economically viable.

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