Fincantieri SI

Fincantieri SI is the result of the company’s diversification strategy in highly promising sectors. It is the Group company that deals with the design, manufacture, and supply of innovative integrated systems in the field of plant design and industrial electrical, electronic, and electromechanical components. More specifically it devises solutions that can govern and control all the ship’s vital functions, guaranteeing high performance in terms of energy efficiency, comfort, and safety.

The company manages the entire integrated electrical package, offering the shipowner turnkey products, which range from the most sophisticated propulsion systems to on-board electrical auxiliaries, providing an after-sales assistance and maintenance service throughout the entire life cycle of the ship.

Fincantieri SI is developing a series of studies in the emissions world, trying to find the best green technological solution, to the problem of the ships’ huge emissions. The company is engaged in studies / projects to reduce emissions for maritime transport, addressing both the issue of electrification of ports and ships.

The company has designed and supplied the electrical propulsion systems of the last nine ships built for the Italian Navy (an aircraft Carrier, 7 frigates and 1 Logistic support ship). Then has developed and supplied energy storage systems of more than 5 MWH for a couple of  ro-pax ships.

But its experience is based on land systems, where has designed the new project for the electrification of Trieste harbor.

Our main tasks in the SEABAT project

  • Fincantieri SI will be work package 1 co-leader Market Needs and regulations.
  • Fincantieri SI will use its expertise in the marine industry to analyse the needs of the maritime transportation and to identify the main needs and boundary conditions of the market. Meanwhile we will define the main emission regulations that will affect the market in the next 5, 10 and 15 years.
  • We will also provide support for the work of the other WPs thanks to its experience in the installation of electrical propulsion systems and of energy storage systems on board of ships.