Imecar Elektronik

IMECAR Elektronik develops the most efficient battery packs for electric vehicles. We develop and produce battery packs. Integration and testing of prototyping and serial production of battery packs and electric powertrains. IMECAR also develops software for electric vehicles.

IMECAR was one of the first companies to support electrification of Catamarans and large Yachts to hybrid and full electrification allowing quiet and reliable operation of the ships from port to port. We are continuously developing our Battery technology that will allow greater range and reliability as these boats are designed for 20 to 30 year life cycles with only 2 battery changes planned before de-commissioning (30year life cycle) assuming less than 70% SoH by EoL.

IMECAR is also looking to develop highly safe sea based battery modules that can be individually shut down for underwater operations in the event of a rare thermal runaway event without risking the underwater sea vessel (Submarines) survivability – only one other company in the World has reached the same capability.

Our main tasks in the SEABAT project
Design and production of battery packs for new energy systems, full system integration of electrification sub-systems for mobility vehicles land, sea, and air