Damen Shipyards

Damen Shipyards is a family-owned international ship design, building, repairing, and conversion company based in the Netherlands. Damen is active in a large variety of ship types and sizes, building approximately 160 new vessels every year. Since 2012 also Li-ion battery powered vessels are part of the Damen portfolio and there are currently (2021) about 45 battery powered Damen vessels operational or under construction at one of our yards

Our main tasks in the SEABAT project:

As a battery system integrator into ships, Damen has the role as user. The input from Damen will come in the form of market intelligence and the requirements for applications, regulations, safety and integration. Damen will be work package leader for WP 2, where the different types of applications and requirements for marine batteries will be defined. Damen also has experience with verification and validation of ships systems through testing and will assist with this in the project as well.

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The knowledge that will be gained in SEABAT will increase the number of battery powered vessels in the Damen portfolio which will assist us to achieve our goal of becoming the most sustainable shipbuilder in the world.