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SINTEF Energy Research is part of the SINTEF group, the largest independent research organization in Scandinavia, with about 2000 employees carrying out contract research in a broad range of fields. The vision of SINTEF is “Technology for a better society”. SINTEF Energy Research performs applied contract research related to power generation and conversion, transmission, distribution, and end use of energy. The institute is a non-commercial research organization with approx. 255 employees and turnover of 50 MEUR (2019). SINTEF Energy Research has many years of experience with analysis of electric power systems and electricity markets, including transmission system planning, balance management, assessment of security of supply, integration of renewable energy sources (especially wind power) and power electronic conversion systems. including the integration of renewable energy sources and power electronic conversion systems. In the last decades, SINTEF has matured an extensive experience in the design and control of power electronic converters. This includes the validation of control algorithms and converter control principles in laboratory environment of dedicated custom-made hardware. The institute holds a broad range of relevant software tools and data models and has a comprehensive technical knowledge.

Our main tasks in the SEABAT project
In the project, SINTEF has been assigned the task of work package leader of WP6: Virtual integration, validation, and certification. SINTEF will host and be in charge of the preparation of the test site for the virtual integration and validation testing of the battery system to be developed. SINTEF will be task leader for the two activities related to this work. A power hardware in the loop test setup will be established in the Norwegian National Smart Grid laboratory located in Trondheim, Norway. SINTEF will contribute to the evaluation of the proposed concepts (task 3.1) and will be involved in the development of battery system architecture and system preliminary design (task 3.2 and 3.3). Finally, SINTEF will be subtask leader for the development of the control systems for power flow control and integration towards vessel control systems (Subtask 4.2.2).

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SEABAT will expand SINTEF R&D activities within environmentally friendly transportation systems and will strengthen our competence within converter design and control and battery system development for maritime use. We believe that SEABAT will place SINTEF Energy Research in a better position to provide battery related testing and R&D services for the maritime industry.
Olve Mo – Research scientist