Uniresearch B.V. (UNR) is a SME (founded in 1994) which is specialised in supplying project management and consultancy services in the field of national and European research projects and innovation activities. Uniresearch is and has been involved in many research projects, many of which in the transport sector. For example, in the field of sustainable propulsion and the electrification of road transport, such as H2020 projects: ECOCHAMPS, HDGAS, REWARD, PaREGEn, SENSIBAT and OBELICS.

Next to this, Uniresearch is involved in the field of security (H2020: RESIN and FP7: PROMERC, ELASSTIC), in the maritime domain (H2020: Blue Nodules and FP7: Blue Mining), the rail sector (H2020: SMARTRAIL) and sustainable energy, solar cell and fuel cell developments (H2020: HPEM2GAS, NextBase, Fit-4-AMandA, FP7: Fasttrack, SuMMiT). More examples of EU research projects managed by Uniresearch can be found at www.uniresearch.com.

Our main tasks in the SEABAT project

In the SEABAT project, UNR takes part in WP7 and will lead WP8. UNR will support in WP7 in the involvement and interaction with the stakeholder’s communication with EC. UNR will support in organising workshops, creation of specific material for the workshops and use social media. Regarding the Academic dissemination UNR will setup a tracking and monitoring system to collect all presentation and publications and make them accessible to the project partners. UNR will lead WP8, project coordination. It will be the task of the project management to ensure compliance of project execution with the objectives set forward in the Grant Agreement, the Consortium Agreement, and the relevant annexes. To achieve this, project management will maintain communication with all partners and the European Commission. The project management is understood on two levels with (1) coordination and (2) administrative project management. The coordinator focuses on the technical execution of the work according to the project planning.