Public Summary D7.3 Initial Exploitation Plan

Within this deliverable (D7.3), the Initial business and exploitation plan is introduced for the SEABAT project. The public summary document can be found by clicking on the following link: D7.3 PUBSUM

This will be built upon the first proposed exploitation plan as included in section 2 of the SEABAT proposal and on D7.2 ‘dissemination and communication objectives’, describing the different audiences and what tools will be used to reach them.

The initial chapter is the overall goal and objective of the tasks in WP7 related to the exploitation of results.

The second part will deal with the exploitation and business plans with the results developed in the SEABAT project. A reference in this part will be made towards WP1 results, market needs and regulations.

The preliminary exploitable plan comprises of exploitation components, exploitation paths and levels of exploitation. The plan confirms the high value creation potential of the SEABAT project. Regular updates will take place in the course of the project with a final exploitation plan due at the end of the project.