WATTSup 2024 conference

On March 6 and 7 2024, the 10th WATTS UP 2024 took place in Oslo, an annual event created and promoted by the Maritime Battery Forum, with Syb ten Cate Hoedemaker at the helm as Managing Director, which discusses the latest technological advances. and the latest innovations achieved related to maritime batteries and their application to the world fleet.
During the event, Cayetano Hoyos, on behalf of the SOERMAR Technology Center Foundation, and representing the SEABAT project, presented the project and made the audience and attendees aware of the latest advances and developments achieved.
Likewise, SEABAT was exhibited alongside two European projects with which it shares great synergies, not only at a technological level but also in terms of application and complementarity, these being AENEAS and NEMOSHIP, NEMOSHIP having been exposed by Solene Goy from CEA.
Throughout WATTS UP 2024, SEABAT, in line with AENEAS and NEMOSHIP, aroused the curiosity of all attendees, who not only wanted to know the latest advances and developments of SEABAT, but also the synergies and complementarities between the three European projects.”

Projects SEABAT, NEMOSHIP & AENEAS presented at WATTSUP2024
WHATSUP2024 poster exhibition of the European Funded projects SEABAT, AENEAS and NEMOSHIP