Battery module and pack assembly & manufacturing and integration (WP5)

This work package aims to integrate the full hybrid battery energy storage system.
The battery assembly process will consider the modular and scalable requirement of the battery power pack when integrating the battery components.
Data from work package 2 will be used to optimise the right battery configuration and size in order to achieve the desired output for both, High Energy ánd High Power systems.

Specific system architecture and integration tools will be used to correctly understand, identify and risk mitigate the relevant interfaces between the battery cells, battery housing, converter, communication, energy interfaces, physical interfaces and fluid related interfaces.
When the design of the manufacturing assembly process is tackled, focusing on putting such a large battery pack together in an efficient and cost-effective manner, the final step will be the verification tests.

The following reports are (or will be) available. When confidential information is included a public summary will be at your disposal.